Zilch maintains valuation on $50 million Series C extension


Zilch maintains valuation on $50 million Series C extension

London-based BNPL unicorn Zilch has secured an additional $50m in funding, taking the total raise for its Series C to $160m.

Session 29: Valuation – First Steps

Lay out different ways in which you can approach valuation and define the key drivers of value

1 Billion is Tiny in an Alternate Universe: Introduction to p-adic Numbers

The p-adic numbers are bizarre alternative number systems that are extremely useful in number theory. They arise by changing our notion of what it means for a number to be large. As a real number, 1 billion is huge. But as a 10-adic number, it is tiny! #SoME2


Notes and references:

The last 30 digits of 2^1000000 and other large powers can be computed using modular arithmetic, by working modulo 10^30. In Mathematica, use the function PowerMod. In Python, use the third argument of pow. These functions implement the method of repeated squaring or one of its variants:

Bézout’s identity can be used to prove that the numbers from 2 to p-2 pair up perfectly, and the partner of a given number can be computed using the extended Euclidean algorithm:

The 2-adic limits arising from the (2^n)th Fibonacci numbers were established on page 216 of this paper:
Eric Rowland and Reem Yassawi, p-adic asymptotic properties of constant-recursive sequences, Indagationes Mathematicae 28 (2017) 205–220.

Hensel’s lemma gives conditions for Newton’s method to work in the p-adic numbers:


0:00 Introduction
2:16 Properties of the real numbers
3:19 10-adic integers
6:55 Properties of the 10-adic integers
10:06 Division?
12:47 Limit points
13:50 5-adic limit
15:36 Fibonacci numbers
16:31 Square roots of -1
18:25 What are p-adics good for?


Animated with Manim. https://www.manim.community
Music by Marc Rowland and Cody Leavitt.
Thanks to @catpfaff for helpful feedback on an earlier version.

Web site: https://ericrowland.github.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericrowland

Child Has World’s Largest Lure Collection Valued At Over $12K | My Kid’s Obsession

Spike has been collecting fishing lures since he was small and now has over 3000 lures. Will he be able to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records.
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Place Values For Kids | Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands

Learn ones, tens, hundreds and thousands places in this place values video for kids! We will learn what digits are, and how the value of the digit is determined by what place value it has!

00:00 What place values do
0:15 Digits
2:24 What place value means
2:49 Ones, tens, hundreds and thousands
7:03 Place value quiz

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