InsurTech Betterview and Nearmap to up insurer response time in crises

InsurTech Betterview and Nearmap to up insurer response time in crises

Betterview, an InsurTech provider of actionable intelligence to property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, has partnered with locations intelligence and aerial imagery company Nearmap.

Insurtech in the Spotlight – SkenData

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The Journey to Disintermediation | Insurtech Insights

How does an incumbent drive experimentation and innovation?

In this talk, Karthi Purushothaman (Partner, McKinsey) moderated a fireside chat with Sastry Durvasula (Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Marsh) to discuss how Marsh thinks about insurtech partnerships and changing culture of the company with so much legacy.
They further explore how they experiment with emerging technologies; identifying enablers, building the core and modernising the technology stack to adapt to the evolving industry.

This talk was held at the Global Insutech Leaders’ Summit in New York. The Summit is hosted annually and gathers the most senior insurance leader to discuss the latest innovations within the industry. The event is by application only and you can apply to attend the next Summit (June 16-17, 2020) here.

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Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) in the Property Insurance Industry Session at ITC 2022

InsurTech Denver co-founder, Daniel Turgel, moderates this InsureTech Connect 2022 session – UBI in the Property Insurance Industry. Daniel is joined by Rahul Daryanani of Touchdown Ventures, Wayne Slavin of SURE, and Jimmy Williams of Urban Jungle.

Imagery Becomes Intelligence: Mitigating P&C Insurance Risk – Nearmap NAVIG8 2022

Through specific insurer stories, see how property and casualty (P &C) insurers are leveraging Nearmap location intelligence to efficiently evaluate property risk, conduct virtual assessments and empower better pricing, quoting and underwriting decisions. Learn more about how to improve the quality of data being inputted in models and algorithms; evaluate and monitor current risk across your portfolio; find PIFs that are underinsured or have coverage gaps; mitigate and improve loss exposure, and improve accuracy and speed across the claims process.

– Noel Bunol – Executive Vice President, Gulf States Insurance
– Bryan Adams – Senior Vice President – Head of Catastrophe Analytics, Arch Insurance
– Elizabeth Del Ferro – General Manager, Insurance, Nearmap
– Matthew Taylor – Insurance Solutions Product Manager, Nearmap
– Kevin Tulp – Senior Solutions Engineer, Nearmap

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