Southern Trust Insurance selects Betterview

Southern Trust Insurance selects Betterview

Southern Trust Insurance has selected Betterview’s platform to reduce expenses and drive down avoidable losses.

What Nomads Ought To Know About Corona Virus (Before Its Too Late)

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In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Andrew Jernigan, CEO of about the Corona Virus pandemic.

Andrew has a better view than most, not only is he on top of these types of issues, his wife is a travel medical doc, physician and someone who attends the Emerging Viruses conference regularly.

If you’re a nomad away from home, its VITAL you list to this episode.

Stay safe everyone.

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Know the differences between HSA, HRA, FSA

Many health plans include an account designed with money-saving opportunities in mind. You may have heard of any one of them:
HSA stands for a health savings account, HRA stands for a health reimbursement account, and an FSA stands for a flexible spending account.

Let’s take a look at where they’re alike — and where they’re not.

Ask a Biller: Episode 1 – Contracting with Insurance Companies

SimplePractice brings in insurance experts to answer your burning questions. This week they cover contracting with insurance companies and the electronic claim & payment processing enrollments.

0:00 Introduction
1:21 In-Network vs Out-of-Network
2:08 Courtesy Billing
2:28 Client Submits Superbilling
2:49 Balance Billing
3:30 Out-of-Network Billing
5:37 How to Become an In-Network Provider
6:04 How to Become an Out-of-Network Provider
7:41 The Three Types of Enrollment EDI, ERA, EFT

SimplePractice’s” fully integrated EHR system allows you to run your private practice with ease! What once seemed like barriers to a simple private practice are now easily managed with the all-in-one HIPAA compliant software for therapists across the health and wellness industry. Take the first bold step with a practice management software that allows you to go fully virtual, in-office, or anywhere in-between—never letting the how stop you.

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How To Pick An Insurance Cluster

Here’s what to consider when selecting an insurance cluster or aggregator.

NOTE: These are opinions only. You will likely not find an insurance cluster or aggregator that matches every item on this list. You should prioritize what is most important over the long term for your agency.

But first…

0:00 Intro
0:29 Insurance Brainstorm
01:13 1️⃣: Make sure the insurance cluster can give you market access to the carriers that fit your agency niche
01:49 2️⃣: Count the long term cost of paying a percentage of your book of business vs a flat fee
03:19 3️⃣: Negotiate your buy-out clause
04:38 4️⃣: Avoid insurance clusters that require you to use their software
05:32 5️⃣: Avoid insurance clusters that want to have an equity stake in your book of business
06:20 6️⃣: Must provide some level of value beyond just “market access”
08:39 7️⃣: How Much Of My Profit Sharing Bonus Do They Keep?
09:13 8️: Determine how involved you want them to be in your day to day operations
10:10 9️: Avoid insurance clusters that make it difficult to access your own data.

Some popular insurance clusters and aggregators are:
SIAA, PIIB, Indium, Quantum Assurance International, The Agency Collective

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