Property intelligence InsurTech Betterview partners with OneShield

Property intelligence InsurTech Betterview partners with OneShield

Betterview, an InsurTech provider of actionable property intelligence to property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, has partnered with core system provider OneShield Software.

The Impact of Betterview in AmCap Insurance’s Claims Processing

In this video, AmCap Insurance discusses how they are using Betterview’s predictive analytics and geospatial imagery to identify fraudulent claims, reduce operational costs, as well as expedite the claims settlement process for its customers.

Ep 97 – Betterview Co-Founder & COO, David Tobias

On this episode of FNO: InsureTech, Rob and Lee talk with David Tobias, Co-Founder & COO of Betterview.

Betterview is a remote property intelligence platform that provides valuable, accurate insight around buildings and properties that are important to their clients and customers.

They leverage their technology and expertise to provide risk scoring, calibration, image and coverage; property data, and much more.

Join David, Rob, and Lee as they discuss: what Betterview is and what they provide to carriers and customers; Betterview’s big pivot and what became of the pivot; the shift in insurance from “repair and replace” to “predict and prevent”; the advantage of having a background in insurance and developing an insuretech solution; and much more.

Predict and Prevent – Betterview Co-Founders David Lyman and David Tobias Talk Property Intelligence

We are committed to helping the insurance industry move from repair and replace to predict and prevent. Our co-founders, David Lyman and David Tobias, note how the Betterview platform identifies and quantifies risks around properties that can be addressed before they become huge losses.

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Betterview Partners with E2Value

What does a strong partnership look like? Hear from senior vice president of E2Value, Skip Coan, and our co-founders David Tobias and David Lyman, on how the combination of our data provides a clearer, complete picture of risk for insurers.

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