HDVI selects Akur8 to support telematics-based auto insurance

HDVI selects Akur8 to support telematics-based auto insurance

Akur8 has been selected by High Definition Vehicle Insurance (HDVI), to support the development of telematics-based insurance models.

LVC21-305 OP TEE as a Secure Partition running on SPM using ARMv8 4 A SEL2 feature

The ARMv8.4‑A architecture introduces the Secure EL2 extension (FEAT_SEL2) that provides virtualisation in the Secure world. This feature when used by the Secure Partition Manager (SPM) at SEL2 provides isolation of firmware components from multiple vendors like silicon, OEM, Trusted OS vendors.

This session will cover the use-case of running OP-TEE as a Secure Partition (SP) in a virtualised environment created by the Secure Partition Manager (SPM) in a platform with SEL2 support. We will cover the Firmware Framework for Arm A-profile processors (FF-A), a standardised communication interface between various components in the secure world and normal world. A brief overview of communication flow between OP-TEE driver, EL3 SPM Dispatcher (SPMD), SEL2 SPM Core (SPMC) and the OPTEE-OS. We will finally cover the current status of work and future plans.

Value of I-9 Audit from an Outside HR Company

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Value of I-9 Audit from an Outside HR Company

Learn why it is important to have an outside audit done before ICE requests an audit.

I want to also address your statement, Mike, about, “How do employers coach employees to fill out the I-9?”

Well this can be a little bit of a slippery slope, right.

Because I had an employer once and what we recommend is that one of the projects we do for our clients is an I-9 audit.

Very important. And face it, Mike, you can’t do an audit on yourself, right?

Because if you did it incorrectly you’re not going to know that you did it incorrectly. So, you can’t correct yourself.

So it has to be an outside body and better for me to do the audit and help you correct it than have ICE come in and do an audit and fine you.

One of the audits that I did I noticed, “Wow, Mike, all of your employees brought in a social security card and a driver’s license as their identification. I don’t see any other forms of identification being provided.”

And they’re like, “Well that’s what I tell them to bring in.”

I’m like okay let me give you a tip here, “You can’t do that.”

Why can’t they do that?

Well, first of all that can be seen as discriminatory because you will have people that don’t have a driver’s license because they can’t afford a car.

And you may have individuals that don’t have social security cards but they have other eligibility paperwork from a foreign country to work in the United States.

You cannot tell employees what identification to bring.

You must give them the instructions and then they choose from those instructions what identification they can bring.

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Host: Mike Vannoy, VP of Marketing at Asure

Expert panelist: Mary Simmons, Vice President of HR Consulting PHR, SHRM-CP


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Akur8’s end-to-end pricing solution

Benefit from the efficiency of an end-to-end pricing solution and automate production-ready insurance pricing GAM/GLMs.

Akur8 injects game-changing speed and accuracy to an insurer’s pricing process, allowing actuaries and pricing teams to build highly predictive models in record time, while maintaining full transparency, auditability and control over the models created.

Akur8 – The next generation insurance pricing solution

At Akur8, our vision is to revolutionize insurance pricing with transparent machine learning to boost insurers’ accuracy and accelerate time-to-market.

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