Genesis Global collects fresh funding just months after $200m round

Genesis Global collects fresh funding just months after $200m round

Low-code application development platform Genesis Global has received a $20m investment from Bank of America, BNY Mellon and Citi.

Timing Is Everything – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Do you have seed in the ground? As you wait to reap your harvest, understand the planting process is very much about timing. We want to see the fruit of our labor immediately, but the greatest things in life take time. Seeds grow down and then up. While your seed is in process, it won’t be exempt from the presence of bad, but the enemy cannot curse what God has blessed. Hold on a little while longer — you’re coming into your harvest season, and you have to believe timing is everything!

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Message: Timing Is Everything
Scripture: Matthew 13:24-30 (NIV)
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Date: July 3, 2022

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When You Trade Pokemon Cards Based On The HP Levels #funny #pokemon #charizard (Credit candyvirus69)

I Caught Every Shiny Pokemon Before Each Gym

Ever since Shiny Pokemon were introduced to the Pokemon series, the idea of hunting them has taken over the entire community, and personally, I’ve never invested much time into it. I’ve always wanted to make a video on catching shinies, but I wanted to do it as big as possible. I caught every shiny Pokemon available before each gym badge… This is how it went. This video took a lot of time and effort to put together, so I’d really appreciate it if you shared this with a friend. If you have any suggestions for the next video, leave it in the comments below! Have a great day 🙂

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:01:19 – Badge 1
0:14:50 – Badge 2
0:23:52 – Badge 3
1:07:37 – Badge 6
1:08:48 – Pre-Elite Four
1:10:44 – Post Game
1:16:46 – Outro

QZ Asset Fast Withdrawal with Prince and Gordon., How To Make R200k Per Month in QZ Asset Management

���� DISCOVER QZ ASSET MANAGEMENT QZ ASSET is a Chinese Asset Management Company committed to the development of your trading solutions.

Create Your Account here:…

With its performance in INDEX trading (S &P500) associated with their BDAI Technology offers an investment platform to its members in order to grow their investments.

QZ Asset offers Financial freedom to its members through Investment and Network Marketing

QZ Asset Management is duly registered in China for the past 10years and being regulated by the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) and is audited by KPMG

QZ Asset Management is been headed by Professor Blake Yeung as CEO

QZ Asset Management offers Two (2) Investment plans
�� Basic Plan $100 – $900
�� Elite Plan $1000 above


Attractive interest rates:
↪️ Basic Plan $100 – $900
▪️0.5% /day
▪️3.5% /week
▪️15% /month

Earning Cap. 400% of your investment capital.

Attractive Interest rates:
↪️ Elite Plan $1,000 above
▪️1% /day
▪️7% /week
▪️30% /month

Earning Cap. 400% of your investment capital.
Register here:…


↪️ Referral/Affiliate Commission
↪️ Binary Commission
↪️ International Recognition Program (IRP)

The Network Marketing Compensation Plan is to reward those who decide to build organization (Team) in QZ Asset.

▪️ REFERRAL/AFFILIATE COMMISSION This is the commission given to you for inviting new investors to join QZ Asset. QZ Asset pays 10% for every new contract purchase by your personal sponsored members. This commission is paid Instantly.

example; Mike invited John to join QZ Asset and John purchased contract of $1,000, Mike will earn 10% of $1,000 which is $100 as affiliate or referral commission

▪️ BINARY COMMISSION This is a commission earn when you build organization / team in QZ Asset. Binary means two so as you are building your team you will create two teams one on your right and one on your left Spillovers also works.

Now the binary will pay your 10% commission anytime there is a new sales on the weaker side or lesser side of your binary network. This commission is paid daily.

▪️ INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION PROGRAM (IRP) This is a program designed to award outstanding distributors of QZ Asset for attaining Ranks in the business within a specific month set by the company. All qualified members will be awarded example; Phone, Watches, Car etc for more detailed information inbox Prince: +27621191925 Call or WhatsApp

Questions about QZ’s IPO

1. How do I sell the shares to earn the capital gain of 20X?
– You can open a trading account with any brokers in your country that can trade in the Nasdaq. There are many brokers all over the world that can trade in Nasdaq

2. What is the minimum amount to buy the shares?
– There’s no minimum amount to buy the shares

3. What is the stock code?

4. Can the basic package also participate in the IPO?
– Yes, any active contract with unrealized profit can convert to shares

5. Can I convert partially the unrealized profit?
– If you only have one contract and u choose to convert, all the unrealized profit in that contract will be converted to shares. If you have multiple contracts, you can choose which one to keep and which one to convert.

6. If I converted my assets to shares, will I still be able to earn my ROI?
– No, the contract will mature and stop paying ROI. However your income cap will remain intact and you can continue to earn your affiliate and binary bonuses

7. Can I just buy the shares without buying a contract?
– No, this is the phase 1 of the pre-IPO private placement round for our retail clients, so you’ll need to first buy a contract, then convert the unrealized profit (income cap) to shares &position=1

How To Check Qianze Asset Management Registration From China.


Chinese Government website:

1) Web address:

2) Select “Translate page to English” in the Google Chrome toolbar.

3) Search using QZ SFC license number 91440113054529989N

Qianze Asset Management is not just an online investment company.

✅ Qianze (QZ) Asset Is a License and Regulated company from China.

✅ Qianze (QZ) Asset has been around for 10 years, It was incorporated 2021 so is not a new company but rather company with much experience in asset management.

✅ Qianze (QZ) Asset manages client asset through trading of S &P500 with their BDAI Artificial Technology. Tradings of QZ Asset is transparent whereby you can see all live tradings from your dashboard.

By clicking here

You’ll realize that

QZ’s filing can now be found on SEC website. The stock ticker of QZAM will be approved within the next few days.

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